Prudas Technologies is an IT Product development company catering to various day to day needs. The organization consists of well-trained IT experts mastering the domains like Healthcare, Education, Farmers etc. With the team of expert SMEs, company aims at making things clear for every individual even if they are not tech-friendly. We have incorporated a team of well-trained doctors, providing a clear idea to improve health conditions of people.


As a team we work upon concepts that can become beneficial for human kind. These concepts are studied, analyzed and modified as per the present needs. We bring a fusion of Technology and Methodical practices catering to every business. Our products provide an ease to users keeping a comfort zones of service providers, allowing flexibility to one’s practice and helping the user to understand technology in brief.


Our first and foremost domain is to provide preventive healthcare, benefitting every individual from various backgrounds. We have created a franchise of Preventive Healthcare Eco-system, providing detailed information based on their health conditions. One is not required to move out from his comfort zone rather we provide with every specification of their disease with descriptive information just at their doorstep.


S.P.I.R.A.L.S. It is a Web- based software where Patient can search a Doctor, book an appointment and Doctor can build up its digital presence by adopting our powerful solutions to grow their practice . Features of our Solutions are as follows:


    Appointment Scheduling over Web, Phone or Personal
    Online Consulting
    Single Screen e-Prescription System
    Less time in prescription writing and more time to personalize with patient
    Secured Electronics record (Prescriptions, Notes, Images, Audio or Video)
    Build up Patient history for better analysis and get Loyalty in return
    Effective use of Clinic coordinator’s time to save Doctor’s time
    Create, Update and change personal profile – A personal Web page
    Doctor can see the updates like number of patients visited in a day/week/month,     appointments, number of diagnosis , medicines, tests , frequencies on their Dashboard.

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Key Features Of S.P.I.R.A.L.S.


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Get Website development for Corporate, Static, Dynamic & Ecommerce websites such as wordpress, joomla & drupal and for e-commerce framework. We offer unique and fresh design layout with fully responsive feature and better creativities.

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Learn SEO through intensive hands-on real world projects & tools. This training will teach you how to build links to your website, how to build a SEO strategy for your website or business, how to build links to your website, how to use images, pdf, videos, articles, blogging for SEO and much more.

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