Have you ever thought of turning completely digital? Well of course this is impossible but one can implement digital lifestyle into his regular activities. With the aim of turning digital Prudas Technologies has put a pinch of innovation in the ongoing concepts or digital trends in this contemporary world.
Prudas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Developmental organization catering in the field of medical, automobiles and education. They are constantly analyzing the changes in the world, studying the latest trends all around and hence contributing in the society by providing easy solutions for our daily deeds.
With the team of expert SMEs, the organization is serving in the field of healthcare and education, delivering variant applications that shall bring a revolution in the regular scenarios of such domains.
The founders of the company have noticed that every individual is not able to cope up with the changing trends in the technical sectors. People may be unaware of the appropriate usage of any digital service. To help them out, Prudas has bridged the gap between common public and professionals, who can now access the benefits of technology at ease. The professionals shall provide proper assistance, enabling them to understand the mechanism of applied science and further serve them with the services at their door-step.
Prudas is currently working upon the innovative concepts which shall result in phenomenal change in the sectors like healthcare and education. One such product by Prudas, known as SPIRALS has changed the manner of standard medical science. SPIRALS provides you with better arrangements with your medicinal issues by making your particular therapeutic profile with your complete records. You can specifically speak with the specialist; likewise the specialist will have a legitimate profile of his own where he can access his patient’s data for further examination. In spite of user-friendly interface, the application has exceptionally secured framework. With a ‘view-only’ system, the data from the application can never be saved rather only be ‘read’.
Not only in the field of medical, but Prudas is working upon other sectors as well. N3C, a product by Prudas Technologies serves the automobiles essentials. Incorporating your vehicle necessities, it shall handle all your automobile hassels, providing a service which shall reduce your tension. Similarly, CHASE is another initiative by Prudas that shall cater in the field of education.
The fundamental thought of Prudas Technologies, behind propelling such concepts is to initiate a paperless drive. Therefore, the activity has supported an eco-friendly environment.