Recall when you fell sick and all you had to do was to visit your regular doctor and describe him your condition again. Imagine you been coughing all around and your doctor keeps pouring on never ending questions regarding your medical status, which felt like infinity. Shuffling your medical records again and again just to grab that one single report was another pain. Moreover, these situations arrive only after been standing for more than an hour in the long-lasting queues. Technology has now advanced to an extend when we can get rid of any trouble within a jiffy. Then why not now when we are in the most pain. Aren’t patients people with pain? Or they just need to suffer anyhow? Hence, not anymore because now there is a solution to your struggle. Let us now deal with our appointments smartly.
SPIRALS is a new age medical application that has transformed the face of Doctor’s appointments. The lesser you talk, the more you describe. That’s how the application works.
To describe with, SPIRALS is Systematic Patients Information Records Analytics Library System, a product provided by Prudas Technologies Pvt. Ltd. that shall store all your medical history, from reports to prescriptions, which you can access anytime, anywhere, requiring only one simple sign-in. The application integrates various distributed Healthcare channels and service providers for patients. The prominent idea behind the product is to reduce the efforts of patients, instead of running with their records one can simply sit back and relax, keeping the Doctor busy for the examination.
SPIRALS also provide ease for the Doctors so that they can view their patient’s profile while wasting no time in asking questions, verbally. They can access their full records with complete accuracy and examine in a better way. Every record is displayed on the screen and no more effort shall be required to shuffling up the pile of papers. The Doctor shall have his patient’s records prior to his visit, so s/he can examine the reports beforehand.
SPIRALS provides a Healthcare Networking Platform to Doctors, Patients and other service providers like Path Labs, Pharmacists, allowing them to connect with each other and discuss medical concerns.
SPIRALS is designed in terms of keeping the essentials of patients and doctors completely confidential. With simple interface and user friendly approach, the application consists of a highly secured system. The information displayed, cannot be downloaded as the application consists of ‘read-only’ system which disables the option for leakage of your information. Strong compliance adherence and access control management of Medical records and Health records makes this system absolutely safe and secure.