The medical emergency is something that can never be taken for granted. An individual must be given quick services in case of any health crisis. Delay in providing the services can lead to major health calamities. Talking about our own country, India, there have been many cases about death caused due to lack of proper or quick medical services.
Taking an example, according to a report on the cases of Road Accidents in 2016, India recorded at least 4,80,652 accidents that lead to 1,50,785 deaths. This meant that at least 413 people died out of 1,317 road accidents. Every hour, around 17 people lost their lives compared to the 55 accidents. This study was done by Transport Research Wing under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India.
One reason behind such deaths is due to lack of emergency services in the country. Not only this, a person while sitting at home can also be at a great risk if s/he is going through some medical problem like, sugar or prior cases of cardiac arrests. If the person is not taken to the hospitals or nearby nursing homes in the case of emergency within time, then s/he is at a great risk to lose his/her life.
SPIRALS, a healthcare application, developed by Prudas Technologies Pvt. Ltd emerged as a helping hand which will help in any medical catastrophe, reducing the intensity of damage caused by providing proper and immediate medical assistance. SPIRALS is a healthcare channel with doctors and health professionals where an individual can immediately contact the concerned doctor and waste no time while standing in the queue in order to book an appointment. An individual can access it on their smart phones and tablets, whenever they want, wherever they are at the moment. SPIRALS can reduce the time taken in the bookings, providing ample time for the treatment.