Life is always unpredictable. What arrives in a plate in front of you sometimes is served in the best manner, other times it just topples over you. That’s when you realize that you do not have any control over it. Health caters to us in similar ways. You may seem healthy but may be inside, things are not going well. That’s why it is said that one should always undergo regular medical check-ups.

The major health hazard that anyone can anytime go through is Cardiac Arrest, commonly known as Heart Attacks. In many recent cases, the victims of cardiac arrests never knew that this can ever happen to them. Their lifestyle may have been a normal lifestyle which can never give them a benefit of doubt about the attack. According to a survey, only 5-10% of the population is lucky enough to survive a sudden cardiac arrest.

Heart attacks may not always have a traumatic medical history. It can suddenly occur anytime to anybody. The recent cause could be the contemporary lifestyle with negligence in health conditions and poor eating habits. Instability in one’s regular lifestyle, no exercise, eating junks, no health check-ups, late hours working habit, less sleep, all these can become a cause for your heart arrest. Normally our heart pumps at 60-70% but if it goes down to less than 35% then the heart in unable to resist. A sudden short-circuiting called ventricular fibrillation leads to sudden attack.

One must always keep a check upon their health routine and must visit a doctor if any unusual palpitation occurs to them. SPIRALS, a healthcare application has now come up with the easiest ways to consult any physician or clinician for a regular check up, while simply sitting at just one place. In SPIRALS you can also search for the best heart specialists around you and book an appointment with them or consult other cardiac professionals online.

Never compromise on your health as it is the only asset that can let you live longer. Search for the best doctors in town in no time and consult them immediately with SPIRALS.