We Are

Prudas Technologies is an IT Product development company catering to various day to day needs. The organization consists of well-trained IT experts mastering the domains like Healthcare, Education, Farmers etc. With the team of expert SMEs, company aims at making things clear for every individual even if they are not tech-friendly. We have incorporated a team of well-trained doctors, providing a clear idea to improve health conditions of people.

Shaping the future of medical science, now in our hands

Easy Access

We provide a proper step-by-step assistance to every person, so that the approach towards technology becomes an easy deal for them. Digitally, we have improved ourselves in a way that shall serve people from every background

Quick Assistance

We ensure quick assistance from the doctors around so that delays does not occur Once the user logs into our network shall get the professional assistance with proper and detailed information.

Upgrading Technology

We constantly study and analyze the latest trends of technology so that we can bridge the gap between the medical science and human understanding with technical knowledge.

Data Privacy

Keeping in mind the security issues, we ensure complete privacy of the details of our customers so that they are not vulnerable with their personal information. We are concerned about our clients assuring them our authenticity and privacy policies.

Shiv pal Singh Raghuvanshi

Chairman – Prudas Technology

“From the Desk of Chairman”

A patient is a person in pain. Unfortunately, Our medical system is so disintegrated that person in pain needs to run all around for medical services. Be it Doctor Visit or Path Lab Visit or searching Pharmacies of right medications. While it is pain for patients, it is also unsystematic for doctors to handle patients properly. No matter how much they want to bring processes and easy ways to patients, things ends up in more issues.
This is not the way things work in Developed countries. They have infrastructure and systems designed in manner that after patient visit to doctors, every other service is Ade available to them with ease and effortlessly. We, at Prudas, are trying to cultivate similar thoughts in Indianised way by doing localisation of processes to come up with system embracing Latest Technologies with comfort of medical legacy in India.
SPIRALS, Our flagship product, is to bring simplistic yet robust and secured ways for doctors to keep medical records, history and complication patterns of their patients. And, it also provides easy access to patients for their medical records. With ease of system, it also allows us work towards saving trees and going paperless.
We at PRUDAS are determined to bring best facilities at no cost to patients and very minimal cost to doctors and other service providers.

Vandana Singh

Director – Prudas Technology

“Biggest Epidemic in India – Casualties due to Accidents”

Accident does not happen only on roads, they happen during non-human hours and specially when no one is around the patient. Frequency goes as low as one casualty every 3.5 seconds (data as per stats on internet). Why not to create an eco-system which provides instant healthcare service and every patient’s medical history to Doctor, Clinic, Hospital on just one click of a button.
We must develop a healthy environment, system based eco-system and environment friendly infrastructure for every user who is having basic skills to use a mobile or computer.


Avnendra kumar

“Healthcare is becoming part of information technology”

Technical Advisor – 16 + years of Experience in Development of projects of different eras.

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Humayun Zaheer

“Healthcare is becoming part of information technology”

Head Marketing & Sales –18 years of rich experience in Distribution and Business Development.

When an health condition can occur at any time or anywhere, then why should we have static health records kept in one place? A Patient or individual must have their health records available with them at any point of time to cater the need during any situation. Spirals provides that functionality to ensure Paperless Health Eco-System of every individual moving around with person. There are day to day needs which needs to be catered. Spirals, as system provide an end to end integrated environment to make every necessity available for patients.